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The Statlistics Advantage: List Manager Comparison

When it comes to list management, our success is your success. We make sure our clients get seen. Here are a few facts about Statlistics:

For List Owners:

  1. Statlistics is the only company that pays for list titles as keywords on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our ads receive between 45-50K impressions per day on these major search engines.
  2. Statlistics in the only company to present lists on NextMark, SRDs and ListFinder
  3. Statlistics purchases exclusive ad space on major direct marketing websites including NextMark and ListFinder, providing a guaranteed #1 position for Statlistics list owners.
  4. Statlistics regularly promotes its list properties to over 7,500 news organizations including, but not limited to ABC, CBS, CNN, the Huffington Post, as well as the leading industry trade journals.
  5. Statlistics’s website utilizes live chat operators, online 24/7 to handle list requests.
  6. Statlistics creates unique List Manager pages, which are recognized by Google as QUALITY content and rank higher in SERPS (search engine results pages).

For List Brokers:

  1. Statlistics provides access to more sources of data at more competitive prices.
  2. Statlistics has a larger group of people doing fulfillment, bringing more expertise to the table.
  3. Statlistics now provides faster processing, a wider variety of services, and better quality control.
  4. Statlistics uses improved efficiencies in email deployments.

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