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Client Testimonials

"I've been very pleased with Statlistics efforts over the last few years. We've seen an increase in list rental revenue every year and their employees are very knowledgeable and responsive."

-Kelli Berry, List Rental Manager, PennWell Corp.

"BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! I couldn't have asked for a better performance by you and your staff. You have certainly started my day off well. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

-Governing Magazine

"Statlistics was a smart business decision for IEEE Media. We moved most of our in house sales operation to Statlistics and this not only improved list revenue but also freed staff to work on building another line of business."

-Jim Vick, Staff Director IEEE Media, Publisher IEEE Spectrum

"I've worked with more than 25 list brokers over the past 30 years and Statlistics is the best. John Papalia and his team are motivated, enthusiastic, well-trained and they know the list business better than anyone... and more importantly- the list business knows them. Statlistics was the only shop that was willing to go the extra mile and think out-side the box in managing and promoting my list. Nobody else comes close."

-Bruce B. Brownson, President, KnowWho, Inc. (Active Government Buyers from KnowWho)

"The Statlistics team's attention to detail and to our specific needs made for an extremely smooth transition."

-June Steinfeld, Consumer Marketing Director, American Media, Inc.

"Statlistics has helped Hemmings Motor News grow list income tremendously over the past few years. Their innovative advertising promotions have led to many new acquisitions for us. They provide amazing customer service and really make you feel like you are their only customer."

-Alaina Seddon, Hemmings Motor News

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