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About Us

Statlistics is a list management and brokerage firm dedicated to, and defined by, the talent, knowledge, and dynamic attitude that come with the company's depth of experience.

Our Mission

At Statlistics, we pride ourselves on our partnerships with our clients. When it comes to list management, we take a look at each client's individual needs and tailor a plan that combines creative promotions and advertising in various forms of media in a way that results in maximum exposure and maximum list rental revenue.

On the brokerage side, we are fast to provide in-depth recommendations that identify primary, secondary, and nontraditional markets, delivering an outside-the-box solution that provides an endless supply of marketing opportunities to both new and mature businesses.

The second thing we focus on is communication. If you ask us, there can never be enough of it. With offices in Connecticut, Illinois, and California, we are constantly mobilizing ourselves and our ideas and reaching out to new and old clients to bolster their revenue and client base. We go out of our way to maximize communication both internally and externally. We make sure that we provide each and every one of our clients with the maximum exposure at industry events.

We strongly believe that our success is our clients' success, and this principle is reflected in all that we do.

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