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Statlistics' list brokers are the principal resource for clients who are looking to launch a new property, product, or service, or simply trying to strengthen an existing one. Each of our brokers offer the experience, efficiency, creativity, and determination that produces an end-result that is sure to show when it comes time to review your profits.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with in-depth recommendations that identify primary, secondary, and non-traditional markets, and the outcome is consistently, well, non-traditional. Through our use of broad resources, sophisticated technology, and thorough research, the client is presented with an increase in list response that allows new and mature business-to-business, consumer, hi-tech, catalog, financial, non-profit, and publishing clients the optimum in marketing opportunities.

List brokerage is about communication and negotiation. With this in mind, Statlistics brokers use thousands of lists taken from databases and publication directories, including but not limited our own, to create a list recommendation that is comprehensive and creative. Our brokers are working for the clients. Where many companies would focus on pushing their own lists, we strive to find a perfect match for our client, regardless of list manager. By focusing on our clients' long and short-term goals, we are able to develop a list recommendation that goes above and beyond.

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