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Stat Solutions: Compiled Lists

Stat Solutions is our compiled list division, and it is just what its name implies--the easy solution for your direct marketing campaigns. Our multi-sourced compiled lists are exclusive to Statlistics, and offer a collection of extremely targeted, highly responsive names that are categorized by anything from interests to hobbies, from occupation to product ownership.

Stat Solutions' compiled lists are continually updated, and they are not made up of subscribers, buyers, or attendees, as direct response lists are. Instead, they come from a variety of sources including yellow pages, white pages, membership rosters, surveys, governments census data, birth records, voter registrations, trade show directories, state licenses, annual reports, and a number of other public sources. They are cost effective, and allow direct mailers to truly penetrate those tough-to-reach niche markets. Offered with both business and consumer specialties, Stat Solutions allows you to pinpoint the very specific group of prospects that you need to target.

Stat Solutions B-to-B Lists

Business-to-business lists allow you access to over 21 million businesses containing:

  • - Industry type by 2, 4, 6 and 8 digit SIC codes
  • - Telephone numbers
  • - Geographical selects by state, county, MSA, SCF or zip code
  • - Size selection by employee size, annual sales volume, asset size for financial institutions, number of principal professionals and specialties per office, etc.
  • - Executive names can be selected by title, gender, president, owner and managers (additional key decision makers also available)
  • - Public companies selectable by parent, subsidiary or branch location with top corporate management
  • - Franchises and chains by industry

Stat Solutions Consumer Lists

Consumer lists allow you to access over 175 million consumers who can be targeted by:

  • - Age, income, gender, presence of children by age, senior citizens, lifestyle selections such as hobbies and interest, sports enthusiasts by type, pet ownership, travel, music and much more.
  • - New mover, home value, dwelling types, etc.
  • - Financial data such as purchase power, bank card holders, type of investments, etc.
  • - Mail order buyers by type, email buyers, types of purchase, frequency, dollar value, etc.

Education Solutions

Find the right segment of the educational marketplace with "Education Solutions" from Statlistics and get the best response to your mailer's offer. This unique database offers endless opportunities for reaching the dynamic and proprietary student marketplace and includes access to administrators, athletic coaches, libraries, magnet schools, teachers by subject, superintendents and more.

These well-educated professionals are steadily employed with great benefits and are often from a two- income household. Eager to improve their skills and further their education, they frequently enroll in career advancement seminars, graduate education courses, and professional development workshops and seminars. To stay current in their field, they purchase business publications and subscriptions, as well as other products and services related to education and child development.

Click here to download our Education Solutions Brochure

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