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Our extensive collection of consumer lists encompasses just about any market, and this versatility allows us to cross-sell each list to a segment that may not initially have thought it applicable. Our consumer lists are published by some of the most recognizable names in the industry including American Media, Inc., Art & Antiques, Autoweek, B.A.S.S., Barron's, Hemmings Motor News, James Direct Inc., Sovereign Homestead, Upper Room, and Value Line Publishing, Inc.

Our consumer lists truly span a large spectrum regarding their subjects, which means, more than likely, we have the ideal list to target any consumer market, and we have experience working with the kind of list you're trying to sell. Interested in affluent buyers, responders to fundraising appeals, or those living an upscale lifestyle? We have the list. Boats, cars, sports, antiques, Hollywood gossip--we've seen them before. No matter what your interests, from antiquing to guns, cooking, fishing, working out, history, or playing the guitar, Statlistics' consumer lists can help. With such a variety of clients, there are few publications that we are unfamiliar with. This allows us to use our veteran knowledge and experience to guarantee that you come out on top. We zealously make sure that each of our management clients sees not only sufficient, but outstanding marketing and exposure.

Statlistics also provides clients with access to state-of-the-art data processing services at very competitive rates. By taking advantage of the preferred customer pricing and dedicated service teams, clients secure attractive discounts and top-notch results that will surely impress. Statlistics data processing services include merge-purge, list rental fulfillment, database development, list response analysis, predictive modeling and data enhancement.

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